We initially made both lab coats and scrubs in the U.S., starting in 2008.  It was our goal to support U.S. manufacturing long-term. However, as we grew in experience we realized that the U.S. apparel market specializes in knit wear (mainly t-shirts) that can be mass produced at low cost and profitable for those manufacturers.

Medelita garments are all made from technical woven fabrics and require difficult sewing techniques and machinery, and surprisingly our costs kept going up as our volume increased.  We worked for years to source a new U.S manufacturer that could sew technical wovens at a fair price.  There came a time in our company history that we had to decide to either go out of business or move our manufacturing overseas.  It took a year to convince our founder that this was the best decision in order to maintain our most important goal of providing the highest quality, professional, performance garments to clinicians. 

We very much hope that the state and government make changes to support manufacturing for small businesses in a way that would allow for profitability.  So although we do not manufacture our garments currently in the U.S., we are proud to hire 26 full-time employees and to provide benefits to those extremely dedicated people in Laguna Hills, CA.