The best way to reduce lapel coverage of your name is to follow the character limit grid available with each style coat under the Embroidery tab.

Here is some additional advice:

Depending on the lapel of the lab coat, the length of your embroidery, and the size of the lab coat – it is definitely a possibility. That is the unfortunate sacrifice of a properly fitted, modernly styled lab coat – there is less room in the pectoral area between the edge of the lapel and the armhole. We suggest using your first initial, avoiding middle initials, consider a second line if you have multiple titles, place your title at the end of your name (comma MD v. Dr.) and avoid periods in your title (MD v. M.D.), whenever possible, to minimize the length of embroidery. Embroidery always looks best when we are not forced to shrink the font in order to accommodate longer name & title requests.